FlexMinder™ Does the Work for You

FlexMinder makes managing your flexible spending arrangement (FSA) and your healthcare reimbursement account (HRA) easy. You no longer have to keep track of receipts, fill out forms and mail them in – we do all of the hard work for you!

  • No more paperwork: FlexMinder identifies reimbursable expenses, prepares claims, and all you have to do is click the “Reimburse Me” button
  • No lost FSA dollars: FlexMinder monitors your FSA balances so you don’t lose money at the end of the year
  • No long wait times for reimbursements: FlexMinder’s automated system means you get your money faster!

How it Works

You provide FlexMinder with logins to your health and dental insurance and flexible spending administrator. FlexMinder then automatically and periodically downloads all your insurance claims. When we notice one that is reimbursable through your FSA/HRA, we prepare and submit your reimbursement claims for you.

Sneak Preview

Expense ListFlexMinder pulls all your insurance claims and stores receipts in one place.
pending reimbursements
FlexMinder prepares FSA reimbursement claims and electronically submits them for you. You just click a button.
FlexMinder keeps track of your FSA balances to make sure you spend it all. You can also see your healthcare spend.expenses summary